Bup Solutions is a company specializing in all the phases of the data management process, from the extraction of knowledge from free text, up to modelling, reconciliation, integration and linking of data, ontology design & maintenance. The team is formed by researchers also working at the Italian National Council of Research (CNR). They offer to the market the most innovative and advanced solutions and technologies, grown in our research laboratories. 

The Italian National Research Council’s Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research undertakes research and development activities in the thematic areas of  Air pollution in urban and industrial areas; Industrial pollution and environmentally sensitive areas; Analytical technology and methodology development for laboratory and platform-based characterization of air quality and sustainability; Polar regions;  Atmospheric pollutant cycles and global climate change influences; Observation systems and networks for air pollution in support of European directives and international conventions; Development of systems and technologies for geospatial data sharing and interoperability.

Deep Blue is an R&D company operating on a European scale, focused on the role of the human in Safety Critical and high-tech systems. The Company is regularly used by National and European agencies to carry out consultancy work in the fields of transportation, healthcare and the environment.

EuroUSC Italia is a consultancy company providing services in the drone market and aviation domain. EuroUSC Italia is also a member of the Board of Directors of UVS-International, the leading world association of drone operators and manufacturers.