The Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI * IA) is a non-profit scientific association, founded in 1988, with the aim of promoting the research and dissemination of the techniques of Artificial Intelligence. The Association aims to increase the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, encourage its teaching and promote theoretical and operational research in the field through seminars and targeted initiatives and sponsorship of events. The association has seven working groups focused on specific topics: agent and multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence and ageing, artificial intelligence for cultural heritage, robotics, machine learning and data mining, knowledge representation and automatic reasoning, and natural language processing. Currently, the association has about 300 members.

The Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences aims at promoting the study and research activities on cognitive sciences in all their articulations. The Association collaborates with national and international organizations responsible for the financing of research, and promotes the dissemination and deepening of knowledge in cognitive sciences through the care of publications, the organization of conferences and the awarding of scholarships.

The Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab of the University of Naples “Federico II” focuses its activity on reproducing developmental and learning processes in artificial systems (basic research) and designing and building-up prototypes (hardware and software) to enhance human psychological needs.  NAC Lab Artificial systems such as computers, robots and telecoms networks, smart sensors, collect information about and interact with the environments they inhabit.

The Italian Association for Machine Learning is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to foster the development of ML in all sectors of public life. It organises, promotes and sponsors technical conferences, events, Meetups, and other initiatives throughout Italy.

Why and how we collaborate


We collaborate to push the adoption of AI-based and computation-related new AI technologies in Italy and beyond as fundamental elements of innovation to shape the future of companies and society.


  • Making basic research on computational modeling and AI technologies to understand the brain, mind, behaviour, and society, and employ the potential of the resulting knowledge to foster advanced technological applications;
  • Selecting and training new highly-specialised professionals;
  • Reskilling already employed professionals.