Students Achievements

Marco Celotto (AS-AI 2018-2019) 

Working as a PhD student in the Neural Computation Lab at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT):

Giovanni Pizza (AS-AI 2018-2019)

Founder of SimplifAI TED S.r.l. the first company in Italy to develop digital solutions to simplify bureaucracy and facilitate access to facilitated social and tax benefits

Laura Rossi (AS-AI 2019-2020) 

Member of the Team winning the 1st place in Hackathon Accessibility Days 2020 with the Project MOMO AID, AI system that translate the LIS into text and speech. 

Pierandrea Mirino (AS-AI 2018-2019) 

Working as a PhD student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Sapienza University of Rome, co-author with Daniele Caligiore of the paper “How the Cerebellum and Prefrontal Cortex Cooperate During Trace Eyeblinking Conditioning” (International journal of neural systems)