Procedure to enroll in the Advanced School in AI

  • If you are interested in attending the School, the first step to take is to get in contact with the School in order to discuss your situation and how to possibly tailor the School to your needs and objectives to value the School opportunities on an individual basis. To speed this process, send an email to the School Director Daniele Caligiore (daniele.caligiore@istc.cnr.it) and President Gianluca Baldassarre  (gianluca.baldassarre@istc.cnr.it), including the filled form below with your cv and the list of accomplished university exams with marks. Based on this information, the School will organise an Orientation Meeting to exchange more reciprocal information (please use this email subject: “Information AS-AI V: Name Lastname”). ATTENTION: Send us this documentation as soon as possible (best by the end of June). 
  • Early registration (before June 30) 10% discount on enrollment fee (even for single selected modules)
  • CNR staff benefit from a 30% discount on the enrollment fee.
  • Discounts cannot be combined (10% or 30%, not both)

    General computer skills / Programming languages

    Python for AI [36 hours]

    Maths for AI [24 hours]

    Machine Learning I [32 hours]

    Machine Learning II [20 hours]

    Big data Analysis [12 hours]

    Deep Learning [30 hours]

    NLP [22 hours]

    System Neuroscience [12 hours]

    Computational neuroscience [38 hours]

    AI for data-driven brain modelling [22 hours]

    Autonomous robotics and Reinforcement Learning [26 hours]

    Social simulations [20 hours]

    Artificial Intelligence and VideoGames [8 hours]

    AI impact [8 hours]

    AI Seminars [20 hours]

    • In the Orientation meeting, we will consider together:
      • Whether to participate
      • A possible study plan
      • A possible project (already taken a look here?) 
      • Some material to start to study the “foundations”
        (Python + math basics)
    • After the meeting, in case of a positive outcome you can fill the form above indicating the courses you will attend (personalized training path). We will automatically receive the filled form
    • After you have filled the form with the courses, you should ask the enrollment kit by sending an email to Luisa Di Muzio (administrative staff), dimuzio.ml@gmail.com, putting in cc gianluca.baldassarre@istc.cnr.it and daniele.caligiore@istc.cnr.it 
    • In order to apply to the School, you must provide the filled enrollment kit to the email address apply@as-ai.org putting in cc dimuzio.ml@gmail.com, gianluca.baldassarre@istc.cnr.it, and daniele.caligiore@istc.cnr.it 
    • Be sure to receive a reply email confirming your enrollment kit has been received.
    • The deadline to get the fee discount is 30 June 2023 (early registration).
    • The deadline for sending the application is: 30 September 2023
    • The candidate will be confirmed a Personalized Learning Program to follow based on the match between the candidate’s skills/aspirations and the opportunities offered by the School; the candidate will be also communicated if she/he earned a grant to support part of the fee payment.
    • The candidate will be formally communicated if admitted or not by 1 July 2023 (early registration) or by 1 October 2023
    • School Start: Early October 2023 

    For early registration discount please contact dimuzio.ml@gmail.com putting in cc gianluca.baldassarre@istc.cnr.it and daniele.caligiore@istc.cnr.it

    Use as email subject:
    Application AS-AI 2023: Name Lastname

    Name your application file: