The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) is involved in interdisciplinary research, enhancement, technological transfer and training activities in the following scientific areas:


  • Cognitive, communicative and linguistic processes: acquisition, elaboration, deficit, multimodality, communication technologies.
  • Theory, analysis and technology of spoken language and of linguistic variability.
  • Cognitive development, learning and socialization in children and non-human primates.
  • Artificial intelligence, artificial life, artificial societies.
  • Cognitive technologies, neural networks, autonomous robotics.
  • Social cognition: behaviour, motivations, cultural transmission and cultural processes.
  • Decision-making and cooperation technologies.
  • Environmental quality, health and society: prevention, education, integration, handicap, technological planning.


Association of researchers using computational models to study Brain, Mind, Society

Science2mind is a Rome-based interdisciplinary group of researchers working at university and CNR using innovative computational-modelling approaches to investigate brain, mind, and social phenomena. It is part of an international-level research network (e.g., European Projects). It also develops autonomous learning robots and mechatronic biomedical applications.