Possible Project Topics

At the end of the AS-AI it is possible to be selected for an advanced project, the possible topics of which are:

Deep learning for affective computing
Autonomous Open-ended Learning Robots: basic research with simulated and real robots (PILLAR EU project)
Transitional Wearables Companion (TWC) as a support tool for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (IM-TWIN EU project)
Autonomous Open-ended Learning Robots: applications to simulated and real robots for object manipulation (GROW EU project)
Machine learning classification of EEG data
Human-drone smart interfaces
Development of integrated motivational systems for autonomous robotic artificial agents
Development of robotic architectures for learning interdependent tasks
Habitual and goal-directed behaviour: studies with biologically plausible models based on dynamic neural networks
Free will: study with a bio-inspired model formed by multiple interconnected neural layers
Social simulation
Computational psychiatry of major depressive disorder
Computational models of cognitive processes
AI for Speech and Text Analysis
AI and accessibility for fragile people
Ethics for AI (analysis of the impact of AI on individuals and society: mainly theoretical work)
Network science and AI to discover general/common mechanisms involving the brain and other systems (social, physical, etc.)
AI for sports applications (improving athletics’ performance, motivation, and training)
AI for brain diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, Depression, Autism)
AI for biomedical applications