The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized primarily by a fusion and growing spiral of technologies that is blurring the boundaries between the digital, the physical, and the biological spheres. Key leading sectors of this revolution are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, autonomous robotics, the internet of things, big data analysis, human-machine interfaces, neuroscience: fields that will have a disruptive impact on future jobs, deleting or transforming many of them, and creating new opportunities.

The Advanced School is, designed to answer the fast-growing demand of the job market for a new generation of highly specialized researchers and professionals.

The “Advanced School in Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Brain, Mind And Society” will in particular involve interdisciplinary research, studies and applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, both as basic research and as applied to the solution of company problems, from those related to production to those related to monitoring and decision making;computational modelling and simulation of brain, body, behaviour, and social groups and private/public organisations; the research and applications of autonomous intelligent robots and the integrations of digital devices with human brain, mind, and body;  the study of the psychological, societal, governmental, legal, and ethical implications of the new technologies, to monitor and study its effects, to harvest its benefits and avoid its pitfalls.

The School does not expects that each student covers all issues pointed above. Instead, the Master seeks an equilibrium in the current tension incurred by future research and professional jobs, requiring on one side highly specialised knowledge and skills, themselves requiring a constant update through lifelong learning, and on the other side a broad view and cross-field personal capabilities supporting problem-oriented action, creativity, flexibility, resilience, team working, and social skills.