School/project monitoring and soft skills (10 hours)

Teachers: Gianluca Baldassarre (CNR)/Daniele Caligiore (CNR)

The course will be based on regular two-weekly meetings of two hours, and will have two objectives.
The first objective will aim to have an continuous ongoing monitoring of the School implementation. This will involve both the entire course (topics, teachers, dynamics, etc.) and the students projects (objectives, specific problems, support, advancement towards the internship, etc.).
The second objective will aim to introduce some elements for personal/professional development. This will involve a selection from the following topics also depending on the students’ interests and previous experiences:

  • Management of time and software tools for it
  • Personal mission, SMART goal setting
  • Brain basis for personal skills strengthening
  • Elements of positive psychology
  • Signature strengths, GRIT, meditation
  • Coaching for self-changing