Projects 2019-2020


Key Topics: deep learning, natural language processing  


AI systems aiming to reach patients unable to contact a mental health structure or specialist and to support clinical decision-making

Students: Ioana Biris (, Francesco De Bei (,   Leda Tortora (


Key Topics: deep learning, computer vision AI for Video Surveillance: from people silhouettes to people identities

Students: Massimiliano Bruni  (


Key Topics: deep learning, working memory Simulating a working memory in a delayed match-to-sample task: A computational model based on a LSTM deep neural network

Student: Fabrizio Carlo   (


Key Topics: machine learning, tumor early diagnosis Machine Learning Analysis of Cancer – Omics Data Unveils Early Diagnostic Biomarkers

Student: Federica Farinella   (


Key Topics: social simulation, graph theory Democracy perception analysis in the European population:
an empirical and computational study

Student: Luca Marconi   (


Key Topics: deep learning, physics Magnetic sources depth estimation by means of deep learning
Student: Alessandro Pignatelli   (


Key Topics: Human-Machine Interaction, Assisted / Autonomous  Control Device Alternative Interaction System (dAIsy)

Students: Massimiliano Bruni  (, Chiara Fanco  (,  Francesco Palini (