Project First

Projects will play a critical role in the Master quality and viability:

  • At the beginning of the Master, each student will identify a specific personal Project on which he/she will work for the whole Master.  The project goals will be identified on the basis of (a) the interests and attitudes of the student and (b) the available possibilities offered by the institute/company hosting the Internship to ensure full expertise and commitment on the chosen topic.
  • The Project will be the pivot of each student formation, orienting not only the Internship but also the Shared Courses. The student’s Project will be the source of the specific problems faced in the Competencies part of the Shared Courses.  The principle here will be that, from the student point of view, the Master will offer a number of resources from which the student will actively draw to carry out his/her Project with success.
  • The Project will be requested to have a SMART goal, i.e. a goal that is: Specific,  Measurable in terms of sub-goals, having a specific Time schedule, Achievable by the student at the time of the Master, and Relevant for the student formation, the student’s future professional work, the Tutors, and the research group/companies hosting the student Internship.

Through the Project,

  • the student will learn to work by project, one of the current most important ways to organise work in efficient institutes and enterprises.
  • the student will also acquire the meta-skills of (a) planning and managing own work autonomously (b) creatively seeking solutions for specific problems (c) working in a team, developing social skills.
  • the students will  “learn in the field”, on a “real life problems” rather than only on basic/scholastic problems, side-by-side with front-end researchers and high-tech company workers.
  • From the point of view of the group/company hosting the student Internship, the Project will allow the student to contribute to his/her activities to the research or work finalities of the hosting group/company, thus paying back the costly time spent in forming the students themselves.