(MLA) Specific Courses

The Machine Learning professionals we train are keen to apply state of the art algorithms to industry and social challenges. To provide them with the necessary tools, students will be given both the scientific foundations to deeply understand the main ML concepts, and the technical preparation to implement new algorithms in the real world. 

Machine Learning Merone
Deep network and tensor flow Mannella
AI Lab: Deep networks and vision Capirchio
Big data analysis with Pandas Cecconi
Fundamentals of reinforcement learning Santucci
Visual Perception and Spatial Computing Freda
Deep learning for sentiment analysis Pugliese
Commercial and serious game Schembri
Machine-learning project management and deployment Mauro
AI Lab: ML Vs Deep network and Perception of motion Tamantini
Natural Language Processing Reforgiato
AI Lab: Deep network for NLP De Persis
Knowledge graph and semantic web
AI Lab: AI for semantic web Gangemi Team