Evolutionary Robotics (4 hours)

Teacher: Stefano Nolfi (CNR)

Inspired by the Darwinian principle of selective reproduction of the fittest, evolutionary robotics views robots as autonomous artificial organisms that develop their own skills in close interaction with the environment and without human intervention. This course will describe the basic concepts and methodologies of evolutionary robotics and the results achieved so far by this discipline.

Suggested readings:

– Nolfi, S., & Floreano, D. (2000). Evolutionary robotics: The biology, intelligence, and technology of self-organizing machines. MIT press.

– Nolfi S., Bongard J., Husband P. & Floreano D. (2016). Evolutionary Robotics, in B. Siciliano and O. Khatib (eds.), Handbook of Robotics, II Edition. Berlin: Springer Verlag