Before applying, candidates are strongly invited to get in contact with the School to discuss their situation and how to possibly tailor the School to their needs and objectives, and to value the School opportunities on an individual basis

A face-to-face interview (if it is not possible in person, through video-conference) can easily be arranged with the President, Gianluca Baldassarre, or with the Director of the School, Daniele Caigiore,  and/or  collaborators. 

Before applying, candidates are also suggested to read the School admission requirements.

In order to apply to the School candadates must fill up the ON-LINE APPLICATION FORM

The deadline for sending the application is: 25 September 2020.

Each application will be considered on the basis of the candidate’s specifif curriculum vitae, interests, sought objectives, and on the possibilities of the School and Tutors. 

In case of a positive outcome the candidate will be proposed a personalized learning path to follow based on the match between the candidate’s skills/aspirations and the opportunities offered by the School; the candidate will be also communicated if she/he earned a grant to support part of the fee payment.

The candidate will be communicated if admitted or not by 28 September 2020

School Start: 1 October 2020