(CSS) Courses

Agent-based computational modelling is a strategic tool to understand and manage complex, global, socially interactive systems and to develop innovative information and communication technologies (ICT), based on socially inspired paradigms, as well as on data-based and simulation-based computational modelling. Computational models become the new key for the scientific study of society, economy, and culture dynamics, and for developing application that use data.

Fundamental Courses
Elements of Linear algebra for AI Cecconi
Fundamentals of statistics for AI with R software Paolucci/Cecconi
Python programming for AI (including Git, NumPy, Pandas, MatPlotLib)  Mannella
Elements of Numerical Optimization for AI Di Lorenzo
Elements of Machine Learning (including SciKitLearn) Scardapane
Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning Santucci
School/project monitoring and soft-skills Baldassarre/Caligiore
Specialistic Courses
Social Cognition Andrighetto
Computational Social Science and Agent Based Models Paolucci/Cecconi/Payette
Focussed Short Courses
Bringing ML projects in businesses Mauro
AI Planning and Scheduling and some applications in Robotics Rasconi/Oddi
Brain mechanism of dependencies Puglisi/Cabib
Sociophysics Vilone
Advanced Netlogo Payette
Econophysics Cecconi
Swarm Robotics Trianni
Writing scientific project proposals Baldassarre/Caligiore
Project management and Funding sources Fantini