(CEN) Courses

The Computational Embodied Neuroscience (CEN) is an original research method to study brain and behaviour, rooted on system-level computational neuroscience and artificial life. To develop more and more deeper computational and robotic models of the brain, in order to understand how it acquires and produces behaviour in healthy and ill people, is to approach Intelligence at its functional and psychological roots.

Fundamental Courses
Elements of linear algebra for AI Afferni
Fundamental of statistics for AI with R software Paolucci/Cecconi
Python Programming for AI (including Git, NumPy, Pandas, MatPlotLib)  Mannella
Elements of Numerical Optimization for AI Di Lorenzo
Elements of Machine Learning (including SciKitLearn) Scardapane
Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning Santucci
School/project monitoring and soft-skills
Specialistic Courses
Deep Neural Networks: theory and technologies (Tensor Flow) Totaro/Valigi
Systems Neuroscience Ferraina
Computational Embodied Neuroscience Baldassarre/Cartoni/Caligiore
Studying brain diseases through computational models Caligiore/Silvetti
Focussed Courses
Bringing ML in businesses Mauro
AI Planning and Scheduling and some applications in Robotics Rasconi/Oddi
Brain mechanism of dependencies Puglisi/Cabib
Introduction to Physical Computing with Arduino Sperati
Towards Designing Emotional Socially Assistive Robots Özcan
Evolutionary robotics Nolfi
Swarm Robotics Trianni
Model-based data analysis Pezzulo/Silvetti
Writing scientific project proposals Baldassarre/Caligiore
Project management and Funding sources Fantini