(CEN) Key Topics

The Computational Embodied Neuroscience (CEN) is an original research method to study brain and behaviour, rooted on system-level computational neuroscience and artificial life. To develop more and more deeper computational and robotic models of the brain, in order to understand how it acquires and produces behaviour in healthy and ill people, is to approach Intelligence at its functional and psychological roots.

Machine Learning Merone
Deep Learning Capirchio
Probabilistic computational models of brain Cartoni
Firing-rate computational models of brain Baldassarre
AI for Systems Neuroscience Baldassarre/Caligiore
Model-based data analysis Pezzullo/Silvetti
Writing scientific papers Caligiore
Brain mechanism of dependencies Puglisi/Cabib
AI for modelling Brain Disorders Caligiore/Mirino
AI for brain imaging and EEG Mattioli/Mirino/Porcaro
AI Lab: Building brain models Caligiore/Capirchio/Mirino
Biomedical and prosthetic robotics Zollo