Scholarships & Internships

AS-AI provides a project-based ‘training and internship’ program aimed at bringing top teams of interdisciplinary academic research and tech industry to build and deliver innovative solutions by applying to business and research the AI new technologies.

Check the following opportunities offered by the companies and research institutions who joined AS-AI network. Other opportunities will come soon!

For any info, and need to analyse your personal situation to evaluate your possible participation, contact:

Track Partners Area of Interest Key Topics of the Internship Project Graduated or graduating in an BA/MA (laurea specialistica) 
3 MLA Business Consulting, Machine learning applications to Industry Smart City & Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, Customer Engagement, Smart Road and Connected Car, Social Impact and Circular Economy Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics
1 MLA Augmented Reality Projects and Solutions Computer Vision, Immersive Technologies, Visual SLAM and real-time techniques, Deep Learning for empowering advanced scene understanding and improve SLAM performances, 3D tracking features, emerging spatial AI techniques which have many potential applications, including mixed-reality, virtual reality, and cognitive robotics    Engineering, Computer Science,
Statistics, Mathematics, Physics



E-Learning, Adaptive Learning Developing AI for Soft Skills detection Philosophy
Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Medicine


Computational Neuroscience Developing AI to study Dependencies Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Medicine,