MLA projects

Topics of Project and Internship

The topics below will be specified on the basis of the specific projects addressing  the needs of participating companies:

  • Predictive maintenance on a historical/statistical basis of industrial plants through Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Performing Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning on processes : Planning, Finance and Control, Supply chain Management & Procurement, HR, Legal. ( as an exemple, creating purchase orders, bidding requests, spend analysis,  training activities and recuiting, etc.)
  • Boosting efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring activities of Market and Trading through Artificial logics Intelligence and ML
  • Extension of asset monitoring functions, through solutions of “Asset Recognition”, “Augmented Surveillance” and drones
  • Customer Recognition and prototyping Improve customer knowledge through the use of Advanced Analytics & CRM and also to provide a better experience/customization in Services/solutions Offert
  • Free hotspot connectivity, custom browsing, beaconing for on-the-move recognition, optimized local search, follow-me and Found-me solutions, predictive support through Chatbot integration on various digital channels
  • Statistical pattern recognition applications in large data-set problems
  • Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning
  • Perception control
  • Web search, anti-spam
  • Medical informatics